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Power Factor and Passive Filter Application Seminar for Industrial Application

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Placing power factor correction and passive harmonic filtering equipment on an industrial electric system needs to be properly designed. Proper design begins in understanding your system, what your needs are, and the optimum solution. If a study is required you should understand the different types of studies available so you can make a wise decision on what is required to obtain the data needed. The study should include a proper design of the equipment.

You are Aware of Your Need for Capacitors for Power Factor Correction...BUT!

  • How are they properly applied?
  • What are the optimum design criteria's for a well functioning system?
  • Are you aware of the proper IEEE and NEC standards when applying capacitors and their associated equipment?

The Benefits of Capacitors on Your Electrical System

  • Improve the power factor on your system.
  • Make your system more efficient.
  • Reduce KVA loading.
  • Reduce stress on your electrical system.
  • Reduce power factor penalties and surcharges imposed by the supply utilities.
  • Where harmonics are present a proper designed passive filter will reduce harmful harmonics as required by IEEE standards.
  • Reducing harmful harmonics will improve the life of your equipment.
  • Defer the purchase of new eclectic components (Like Transformers because of reduced KVA loading).

Let Us Help You

This seminar will provide many topics essential, and details normally neglected, in purchasing these types of equipment. It will help you to understand what is needed to properly apply the equipment to your system.

If you are an engineer and would like a "nuts" and "bolts" understanding of the application of capacitors, then you may purchase our complete on-line seminar, or you may just purchase the chapters of interest to you. Additionally, our complete seminar is available on DVD.

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